29 October 2008


And when I shall cross through those pearly white gates, no more shall I suffer, no more shall I wait. They'll size me and find me a gown of great glory and onto my back they'll finish the story.

My wings will stretch low and stretch o'er the streets, like a blanketed bed wrapped in satin white sheets. I'll soar through the night piercing death and it's sting, charting clouds, riding comets, in search of the king. And donning new bones, hair down to my toes, with dress silky lace, a shield to my face. Strung pearls 'neath my chin, and locked round my heart, the king I will wed and ne'er depart.

And cheeks full of rose and lips honeydew, sorrow be vanquished and death be slew. The starving will feed and the lame be freed, will soar o'er the land, a colorful band. Of my land and yours, of this tribe and that, warding off those of the deafening clan.

To live on those streets and fly through those trees, like bees, honeybees, come sweetness, come life.


Beccalynn said...

That's very beautiful and so touching. It really makes one think of how this is not really our home. Just passing through. Thanks for the reminder!

On a side note, when's the next time that WONDERFUL booksale happens? Hmmm? I know it's in November but not much else about it :-D

Laura said...

can you believe the book sale is THIS weekend!!!!!!! (i'm going to miss it because of Lynette's wedding...but all is well- and a rather darn good reason for missing such a sale)...but pooh nonetheless!