21 November 2007

Tribute to Coldplay

...on strings, that is what I'm listening to in my office currently. Kinda funny, to hear an orchestra perform Coldplay's music. I saw it in the library, though, and thought I would give it a try. It's okay, I guess...kinda growing on me.

I am really looking forward to having tomorrow and Friday off. I have Saturday breakfast shift from 7:45-12pm, but then I am off again Saturday from noon on and Sunday too! Yippee!

Today, Dianne came up to my neck of the woods in the inn and started putting up greenery for Christmas. It's looking so beautiful. She is very artistic. She hung these beautiful antique shutters right outside the doorway of the hospitality suite, and put large sconces filled with an array of greens and berries.

Hard to believe it's already Thanksgiving and that Christmas is just a month away. I am truly hoping to do some handmade gifts this year. I have NO excuse. I need to unleash my creativity and share with others.

Tonight my parents house will be filled with family, laughter and, best of all, little children.

I'll be there in less than two hours...

20 November 2007


Sipping some earl grey at the moment. Just had some white (not yellow) cake. Gotta love the perks of my job...scrumptious sweets and fine eats. I'm sleepy today. I think it's the emotional wear of all that is transitioning in my life, the coming of Thanksgiving (non-stop family time), TONS of cleaning and rearranging at the apt., and just change.

The stainless steel tea pots here at the restaurant always drip when you pour water from them. No fun. I think I just tend to pour the water out too quickly. Dribbled water everywhere...oh well. I have on a pink oxford shirt today and my vintage pleated polyester skirt. I always get compliments on this skirt and have fun telling the fashionable women that compliment it, that I got it at the thrift store. I just love thrift stores.

Was talking to my mom today, and she shared that my love for thrift/consignment shops has definitely rubbed off on her. She frequents them now much more.

It's only 4:30pm, and it sure feels like 11pm! Only an hour and a half more and I can go home for the night.

I just checked in a very cute couple. I'm guessing they were in their 40's. From the DC area. What a drive just to come to our little inn! I love this aspect of my job, meeting and greeting all the people that come to stay with us. We have lots of international travelers, business folk, couples and not too much in between. It's great on the nights where all eight of our suites are filled with travelers from the UK, Germany, France, and far parts of the US. I love meeting new people.

I drew a turkey today. I was going to simply leave it in this innkeeper communication log that we have, but I kinda got into the drawing a bit too much. I did it cartoon style...and put a bib on the turkey with our Inn's name on it. My boss is going to incorporate the sketch into the menu's they are printing for the Thanksgiving dinner. Fun.

I'm going to swing by the Library today after work and try to pick up some DVDs to have around for the next couple days with family. Sometimes it's good (and relaxing) to just pop in a fun movie.

I miss Rochester, NY. I miss my days at college there. I suppose the draw to it all was the community in which I was a part of. I was an RA for two years and oversaw a great bunch of girls and lived with three other awesome girls as well. My dearest friend is now in Philly, not far at all from where I am, but still we rarely get to see each other.

Two of my other close friends are in NYC. I don't get there too often either. I do miss them though.

I have a feeling that some day I will be content with my life. I really do think this. I, some day, will marry someone that I am confident in as my husband. Someone that I will be so excited to marry and share my life with, someone who will cherish me and find me lovely. Someone I can serve and provide for. Someone who will serve me too. I always come back to the same realisation...it's about selflessness. Lord, teach me more.

"Happy Thanksgiving..." That's from Rich. Goes by Rich now. Enough of that melodramatic stuff for now.

19 November 2007

Cheese peas?

At work again... (Probably will always be at work when I post, being that I do not have a computer at home). I'm rather hungry. I finally did a wee bit of cooking this morning since moving into my new place. Brace yourselves here, I made a whopping two egg omelet. The only ingredients I had to put in the omelet were peas and cheese. It was good, though. Suppose anything with cheese is good.

I'm still trying to get my furniture situated in my apt. It's taking quite a while, to not only aesthetically get things right, but with functionality too... Can't have a table jutting out of the wall and a bookcase ready to tumble because of the thousand books stacked on it! I'll get finished one day.

So, I've discovered that I like The Office. It's such dry humor, but I really enjoy it. I only had four channels (with static) at my last apt., so the 50 or so channels that I have now are so deluxe. In any case, I think re-runs of The Office play sometimes, and I've been catching old episodes. I think this is the only sitcom I really watch.

I've kinda phased out of my liking for Antiques Road Show... perhaps now that I have a little more variety as to what's on TV...sitting there watching old people get their trinkets appraised just has lost it's charm to me. Sad, I know.

On my 'to-do' list this late fall/Christmas season is baking pies. I would like to get at least one pumpkin and one berry pie made in the next month. I've decided I also would like to get a tree (a tall one!), perhaps next weekend, and decorate it! I just love Christmas tree sawing! Every year my dad and I go the weekend after Thanksgiving. I've been the only loyal kid to go out with him year after year. My brother and sister faded out once they married.

My theme for my tree will be nests. I have allll these nests that I made last year out of Spanish moss, and these little bird eggs (varying in size) that I nestle into the nests. I then scatter them throughout the tree and rest them into the nooks and crannies of the pine branches. It looks quite natural and pretty.

I have this lovely dove made of birch that rests on the tip top of the tree. Strung here and there will be garland of little wooden apples. (This may sound tacky, but they are tiny, and almost resemble small wooden beads). They are red and I think this is why they 'work' with the birds and the tree itself...because red is a complimentary color of green and they just seem to fit together. You know, apples are a staple of a birds diet. (Especially penguins).

Hmm...I drank about 2-3 cups of joe this morning, and I've been to the throne a good 4-5 times since then! Coffee sure does run straight through you!

I have on a 'daring' outfit on this morning. I decided to bust out a skirt...and brown tights with a subtle diagonal zigzag weave/pattern. I then paired the two with my rusted brown ankle high boots. On top a brown corduroy blazer and a light tan colored shirt underneath. It works. I suppose the 'daring' aspect of the getup are the tights and boots... I guess any time I wear boots and they aren't under jeans or pants, I feel out on a limb somehow.

Did I mention that I'm hungry!?!

Staff lunch isn't for another 35 minutes, so my tummy will just have to growl on.

Last night I got a ring from Lynette. Looks like her, Neil, Nina and I will be jaunting out to a Michael W. Smith "Christmas Concert." If it weren't for the fact that it's his Christmas music, I don't think I would be going. But, I happen to really enjoy the Christmas albums that he has put out over the years. The orchestra pairing is so nice. I just keep thinking of his rendition of Jingle Bells...and the huge sleigh bells that sound at the start of the track on the cd. It's nice.... So, that's December 1st in Reading... Looking forward to the outing!

Well, I suppose that will be it for now. The throne is calling once more!

17 November 2007

Good Evening

Well, I've decided to create a blog...again. Yes, this is my third or so that I have created. The others have dwindled off to a mere few postings from days gone by...and I do believe its been a good 18 mo. since I last blogged.

I'm actually at work currently. I've just been so inspired lately by other folks' postings, full of thought and mystery, that I thought I should join the parade.

Innkeeper, eh? Quite contrary to popular belief, Innkeepers are still around. I manage an old country inn, built in 1745, that was located on what used to be the 'main drag' from the suburbs into Philadelphia. Horse and buggy, of course.

This grand place was part of the Paoli Massacre. Many falsely speculate that good ol' G.W. (George Washington, that is) lodged here, but sadly, he did not. I would like to think a relative of his did though. *A fun tidbit, Winston Churchill's grandson did have lunch here at the Inn the other day.

In any case, it's a great place. There are two roaring fireplaces that date back to the original construction of the inn, which get stoked every night for the passersby that dine here. The smell of the seasoned firewood is majestic. Reminiscent of late fall, cider and companionship.

Well, I started this entry much earlier in the day when I had ganas to write...and, momentarily, I have lost that umph. So, I shall sign off for the eve...night to all.