20 November 2007


Sipping some earl grey at the moment. Just had some white (not yellow) cake. Gotta love the perks of my job...scrumptious sweets and fine eats. I'm sleepy today. I think it's the emotional wear of all that is transitioning in my life, the coming of Thanksgiving (non-stop family time), TONS of cleaning and rearranging at the apt., and just change.

The stainless steel tea pots here at the restaurant always drip when you pour water from them. No fun. I think I just tend to pour the water out too quickly. Dribbled water everywhere...oh well. I have on a pink oxford shirt today and my vintage pleated polyester skirt. I always get compliments on this skirt and have fun telling the fashionable women that compliment it, that I got it at the thrift store. I just love thrift stores.

Was talking to my mom today, and she shared that my love for thrift/consignment shops has definitely rubbed off on her. She frequents them now much more.

It's only 4:30pm, and it sure feels like 11pm! Only an hour and a half more and I can go home for the night.

I just checked in a very cute couple. I'm guessing they were in their 40's. From the DC area. What a drive just to come to our little inn! I love this aspect of my job, meeting and greeting all the people that come to stay with us. We have lots of international travelers, business folk, couples and not too much in between. It's great on the nights where all eight of our suites are filled with travelers from the UK, Germany, France, and far parts of the US. I love meeting new people.

I drew a turkey today. I was going to simply leave it in this innkeeper communication log that we have, but I kinda got into the drawing a bit too much. I did it cartoon style...and put a bib on the turkey with our Inn's name on it. My boss is going to incorporate the sketch into the menu's they are printing for the Thanksgiving dinner. Fun.

I'm going to swing by the Library today after work and try to pick up some DVDs to have around for the next couple days with family. Sometimes it's good (and relaxing) to just pop in a fun movie.

I miss Rochester, NY. I miss my days at college there. I suppose the draw to it all was the community in which I was a part of. I was an RA for two years and oversaw a great bunch of girls and lived with three other awesome girls as well. My dearest friend is now in Philly, not far at all from where I am, but still we rarely get to see each other.

Two of my other close friends are in NYC. I don't get there too often either. I do miss them though.

I have a feeling that some day I will be content with my life. I really do think this. I, some day, will marry someone that I am confident in as my husband. Someone that I will be so excited to marry and share my life with, someone who will cherish me and find me lovely. Someone I can serve and provide for. Someone who will serve me too. I always come back to the same realisation...it's about selflessness. Lord, teach me more.

"Happy Thanksgiving..." That's from Rich. Goes by Rich now. Enough of that melodramatic stuff for now.


Beccalynn said...

Who's rich? Your boss? Your day sounds delightful with the hand-drawn turkey and romantic food. I'm sure you do but just pray daily for contentment because God wants us to have life abundantly which I believe includes contentment. I pray for that. It's hard because there are places in my life that I have yet to be and yearn for (ie: motherhood, housewifery, INNKEEPER ha ha ha!) but God HAS given me contentment with where I am despite the difficulties. I am truly learning to LOVE my job! To love teaching these unruly kids. I am exhausted and hope for something different in the future, but thanks to Him I'm learning to be content with the journey. DId you ever read Hinds Feet on High Places? (I thought I loaned it to you and you might still have it). It's a great allegory about our walk with Christ, and her journey is TOUGH at times but it's the journey that makes her who she is. I love you!!!! MIss you too!!! Did you get my text yesterday? If not I'll sendn it again but don't want to post it on the internet.

Beccalynn said...

EW!!! Eyestrings? What a gross mental image comes to mind! And I'm sure that what I'm thinking of is not what you were thinking of when you decided on that name! ha ha ha!!!

Beccalynn said...

I've always wanted to know (because your laurabells account has it too) what does "vade mecum" mean?