28 January 2008


is alive! thanks for the comment. i simply say you're alive because it has been quite some time since you posted. good to have you over on friday night!

becca, i wish i could venture to your place this weekend...but of all weekends, this is one that i actually have to work the ENTIRE thing! friday-all day, saturday-breakfast, day shift and sleep over shift, then sunday-breakfast and check-ins too!

so, pooh, i won't be there with you three (girls + dave). have fun!

some day, when i get off a stretch of two days over the course of a weekend, i'd love to come out.

of course i'm at work...stinky two check-ins that were supposed to be here at 6pm (give or take) have yet to arrive...

it's now 7:25. looks like lynette and i will not be hanging out tonight...glad we were at least able to talk last night, though!

one of my favorite 'regulars' has checked in...mr. michael mueller. german born, but now living in atlanta. he's so cheeky... a very smiley man. like his mannerisms a lot.

this is a very ADD post... i realize this. lets see...this wednesday and thursday i hope to head to philly to see olga (and damka) again. she came to see me last week, so now it is my turn to go to her.

speaking of, i think i'll ring her now to see if she is around.

tata for now.

23 January 2008

new life...

is sprouting in the lovely belly of my sister. the new photo is one i took of her about 2 weeks ago. she is due in about 7 weeks.

so amazing.

...at work as usual. it has been a busy week here... from checking in guests, giving little tours, yes, yes, making little triangles out of toilet paper ends, fluffing shams and straightening bed skirts...to, drawing. yes, that's right. i'm doing a drawing for Patrick (my boss and the proprietor of the inne).

it's actually pretty cool, because this new logo that i come up with will be plastered all over all of our literature here at the restaurant/inne. i put some finishing touches on it today, and Patrick is scanning it over to the guy that will make the final calls as to what still needs to be done/changed about the rendering.

it has been fun! sad, but i actually need 'assignments' to get doing art again. if i don't have a deadline, things just won't get done. but, finally (Lynette and Nina) my apartment is now conducive to creating art! i have my vintage dentist chest all filled and my drafting table is a blank slate.

the best part of working on this drawing for the past week or so, is that my kitchen table is COVERED with all different sorts of drawing materials. so, yesterday morning as i was sitting down to sip my frothed beverage, i just started drawing...just for the heck of it. and, i came up with a couple nice portraits. it's exciting to be creating once more.

today, if all goes as planned, my dear friend Olga will be visiting from philly. i hope that she sticks to her plans and gets her and damka's booty in a car and out to see me. (damka is 'pretty lady' in russian...and it's her beloved spaniel).

tomorrow i'm off...which is lovely. i like having off thursdays. it's a nice little break for me to split the week up.

well, i suppose this will be it for now. tootles.

15 January 2008


i post. becca, to answer your question, unfortunately, i can't answer you at the time! no worries, though, i'll tell you sooner or later... hehehhe.

so, its been quite some time since i posted. i'm at work, as usual. i love it here. i near pinch myself every day... continuing to convince myself that i am employed here... i am an innkeeper... i do have my dream job! (or at least one of them, any way!)

today, myself and jacque (the other day innkeeper) met early (before i was to report at noon to start my 'official' work day). we met to go shopping for new quilts and sheets for the suites. it was fun and we got a lot of good deals. we ended up getting quite a few sheet sets that were 1000 thread count! i didn't know the count went so high!

so, my day consisted of switching out old comforters for new, lovely ones, switching a few pictures from room to room, rearranging some night tables to better fit certain spaces in certain rooms, taking a few reservations, and tidying up a bit in my 'office'...

it's been a fun day. tomorrow i will iron the new cover lay we got for our king sleigh bed in the presidential suite (nina and lynette, this is the room we stayed in...lynette, we got rid of the bedspread that had the stain!! no worries all, it was a coffee stain).

any who, it snowed out today and that was lovely.

first thing when i woke up this morning, i had to grab my camera for a great shot. the sun light was just peeking in through the long window in my kitchen. the shade was pulled down, so it was just along the edges of the rectangular outline, that the warm, soft, amber hues of the sun were showing themselves...so pretty.

hmmm...just ate a caesar salad. ever wonder the history of the caesar salad? i just googled it to find out...seems there is no concrete history, but most likely it was invented in 1924... read for yourself...

"Most historians believe that Caesar salad honors restaurateur Caesar Cardini (1896-1956), who invented it in Tijuana, Mexico in 1924 on the Fourth of July weekend. It is said that on this busy weekend, Cardini was running low on food and he put together a salad for his guests from what was left over in the kitchen. His original recipe included romaine, garlic, croutons, and Parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, olive oil and Worcestershire sauce. The original salad was prepared at tableside. When the salad dressing was ready, the romaine leaves were coated with the dressing and placed stem side out, in a circle and served on a flat dinner plate, so that the salad could be eaten with the fingers."

interesting, eh? lately, i've been fascinated with finding out the history and origins of every day life things- food, words, places, babies...etc.

nina and i saw 'atonement' the other night at the theater. i thought it was good... nina REALLY liked it. it is up for all these awards- oscars, golden globes, etc... i can see why. very artistically put together...especially the score and how it aligns with each scene precisely...very cool.

a typewriter, of all things, was actually interwoven beautifully as a musical instrument, of sorts, throughout the entire film. neato...

any way, i liked the film, very much, but i don't think it blew me away... i've thought about the film here and there...but it hasn't absorbed my thoughts as much as other films have in the past... and they say that if a film causes you to think and think and think...then it was a great work.

any way...enough of that. i would have to say that 'dumb and dumber' must take the cake for that type of a film, in my life, that has caused me to think, ponder, dream...wonder....again and again. oh, life.

well, i have lots of more little tidy-uping things to do here before i head home...so, tata.