23 January 2008

new life...

is sprouting in the lovely belly of my sister. the new photo is one i took of her about 2 weeks ago. she is due in about 7 weeks.

so amazing.

...at work as usual. it has been a busy week here... from checking in guests, giving little tours, yes, yes, making little triangles out of toilet paper ends, fluffing shams and straightening bed skirts...to, drawing. yes, that's right. i'm doing a drawing for Patrick (my boss and the proprietor of the inne).

it's actually pretty cool, because this new logo that i come up with will be plastered all over all of our literature here at the restaurant/inne. i put some finishing touches on it today, and Patrick is scanning it over to the guy that will make the final calls as to what still needs to be done/changed about the rendering.

it has been fun! sad, but i actually need 'assignments' to get doing art again. if i don't have a deadline, things just won't get done. but, finally (Lynette and Nina) my apartment is now conducive to creating art! i have my vintage dentist chest all filled and my drafting table is a blank slate.

the best part of working on this drawing for the past week or so, is that my kitchen table is COVERED with all different sorts of drawing materials. so, yesterday morning as i was sitting down to sip my frothed beverage, i just started drawing...just for the heck of it. and, i came up with a couple nice portraits. it's exciting to be creating once more.

today, if all goes as planned, my dear friend Olga will be visiting from philly. i hope that she sticks to her plans and gets her and damka's booty in a car and out to see me. (damka is 'pretty lady' in russian...and it's her beloved spaniel).

tomorrow i'm off...which is lovely. i like having off thursdays. it's a nice little break for me to split the week up.

well, i suppose this will be it for now. tootles.


Beccalynn said...

That is a LOVELY photo of your sister. I didn't know she was pregnant again?

Ninita said...

I am excited that you got everything set up and are ready to go!!

Beccalynn said...

Hey laura,
What does "lionshare" stand for? You always think of the most interesting titles for things. You're so creative! I wondered what "sallylunn" meant too...just curious....I typed it in today to check your blog and it didn't work then had to click on one of your comments to find you again...and I did! Yay!
How goes it woman?