28 January 2008


is alive! thanks for the comment. i simply say you're alive because it has been quite some time since you posted. good to have you over on friday night!

becca, i wish i could venture to your place this weekend...but of all weekends, this is one that i actually have to work the ENTIRE thing! friday-all day, saturday-breakfast, day shift and sleep over shift, then sunday-breakfast and check-ins too!

so, pooh, i won't be there with you three (girls + dave). have fun!

some day, when i get off a stretch of two days over the course of a weekend, i'd love to come out.

of course i'm at work...stinky two check-ins that were supposed to be here at 6pm (give or take) have yet to arrive...

it's now 7:25. looks like lynette and i will not be hanging out tonight...glad we were at least able to talk last night, though!

one of my favorite 'regulars' has checked in...mr. michael mueller. german born, but now living in atlanta. he's so cheeky... a very smiley man. like his mannerisms a lot.

this is a very ADD post... i realize this. lets see...this wednesday and thursday i hope to head to philly to see olga (and damka) again. she came to see me last week, so now it is my turn to go to her.

speaking of, i think i'll ring her now to see if she is around.

tata for now.


Beccalynn said...

I hadn't checked your blog for a few days so when you said, "Nina...is alive" I was like, "Oh NO!!! DID she get in an accident on the way home from my house????" But then realized the post is too old for that. Good to hear from you though!!! I LOVE when you post. It just seems so fun to work at an inn.

Beccalynn said...

I love your painting! It's so fresh, alive, beautiful!