31 December 2007


...fills my heart because of a package I received last night just before midnight.

I'm at work currently...always am when I post, considering I do not have a computer box at home.

I'm a bit hungry (as usual), and could go for some broccoli rob right now...maybe some sweet potato ravioli's too....sure, and a glass of red wine! What the heck; it's NEW YEARS EVE!

I'm heading over to Nina's after work (after I go to my apt. first to change and get some grub). I'm looking forward to silly and ridiculous games with her and her parents. Should be fun to catch up with Steve and Marilyn.

Tomorrow I will head in to Philly to meet up with Justin and Em for the Mummers Day Parade. Oh, joy. It should be fun. I enjoy Philly a lot and there is so much that I have not discovered while living just 20 miles away.

Perhaps I'll see Chris and Olga if they are back from Brrrrroklyn.

Went to Michigan over the weekend. What a blessed time...and a blurrrr. Nine hours out (in the car with pops) and 10 hours back. The most amazing snowfall occurred about two hours from home, and it felt like we were in a spaceship, projecting through the grand galaxy at top speed. The snowflakes were almost ridiculously huge...but glorious!

For some reason, this new years comes to mind... I was about 17 years old and at my high school friends' house, in her parents basement. We watched episode after episode of My So Called Life (with Claire Danes). We had no alcohol to toast with, no grand crowd to cheer among...just the three of us (our other dear friend, Brie, joined us)...happy and content to be in a suburban basement with cement floors and truth and honesty in our midst.

Happy New Year everyone.

14 December 2007


it's rather chilly in the hospitality suite today.

what a hectic morning i had. I was in philly yesterday and spent the night there at olga's place. she came out wednesday night (with damka) and crashed at my place.

we sipped hot tea and watched the season finale of one of her favorite shows...america's next top model. i think that is the name...

any ways, we had a good night. it's always wonderful spending time with her.

thursday morning we went to pick up my jetta (the one i bought about 60 days ago and have only been able to drive it a mere 30 or so of those days)! it's had problems and hiccups...so, was in the shop, yet again, getting mended.

it was a rather gray day, so we stopped at starbucks for some nourishment on the way. sure, sugar and caffeine...nourishment...

so, after getting the car we went to trader joe's. i picked up two packets of my favorite cookies, ginger, and some other things for my lovely visitors coming this evening!!!

Becca, i got a WHOLE gallon of milk for you! i go through such little amounts of milk (i buy the tiny one and don't even finish that before it goes sour)!

i am looking forward to the company that will fill my home tonight!

i've been SOOOO hungry today. i got up around 8:45am...and didn't eat until around 2pm. I had a green apple, and then finally the staff lunch was ready around 3:30pm... so, i had half of a portabella/squash 'burger'. but that was hours ago!

it's now 7:20...and i missed the staff dinner...was up on the second and third floors running around preparing things for guests checking in... one man needed saltines, another a bucket of ice...one lady a wake up call and another a 'small piece of scotch tape'... one needed roast beef, and one could do without...oh, the funny things people request.

i was so taken back, though, at one mans generosity! i took up this very nice couple to their suite on the third floor, and the gentleman stepped out into the hall for a second as i was giving his wife the keys, and he pulled out his billfold and gave me a $10 bill! i was shocked. no one has ever given me a tip, like a bell-hop would be tipped, on the way to their room! so, that was a nice surprise.

it's hard to believe that Christmas is nearly here. i am very much unprepared... well, at least in the 'gift buying/preparing/giving' realm. as a few of you will see tonight (at our little Christmas gathering)...i have just not had/made the time to think at all about presents...

so much else has consumed my mind and days.

11 December 2007

candy striped

shirt... that's what i have on today. it's red and white, so i feel like a volunteer hospital worker. i like the shirt. a great thrift store find.

so, i may be moving to philly.


yeah, i thought perhaps i might get your attention! (all three of you who read this)... i am very unsure at this point, but things may take that route. i just got back from spending the weekend in philly with two of my old college roommates. crazy thing is, i seem to know more people in philly than i do here in my current neighborhood/network.

i never signed a lease, so at this point, i am not contractually bound to anything in that realm. the soonest i would move would be early February. but, again, NOTHING is for certain. the main thing i have to figure out is how i will do my commute (by car or train) and just how my work schedule will work out if i did move.

i just long to live among friends, in a community. this is my ideal situation. right now, in philly, there is an awesome group of christians, living in community. so, for this very reason, i am very drawn to live there. the girl that i would share a place with is my dearest friend from college. for some time now (since we last lived together in college), we've said how wonderful it would be to share a place together again.

so, i have a compatible dearest friend to live with (who happens to have a dog), a church to get involved with, and amazing people to develop relationships and friendships with.

...not to mention all that art that the city is submerged with. this would give me artists to be among once more...artists, like myself, to spur me on to CREATE. i would actually get to work in a dark room again! oh, how i would love to pick up photography again...

so, at this point, this whole idea is on the drawing board, but a true possibility... i will for sure keep you posted.

(*and, we can't really talk too loudly about this at my place this weekend, because i haven't shared the news with my landlord (who lives below me) yet!)

on that note, i am really looking forward to this weekend. it will be great to see you all again...i'm thinking of trying to make some cornmeal pancakes in advance for everyone to have and heat up on saturday morning for breakfast (since i won't be there---i have to work the breakfast shift at the inn)...

we'll see...if i don't get around to making them, i will provide other rations!

hmmm...it will be great to have company. i do love this time of year. hey, do you guys want to do a white elephant gift exchange??? i know it's so last minute, but it would be so fun!!! basically, if you don't know what a white elephant gift exchange is, you get the corniest/wackiest/cheesiest gift you can (at the thrift store, hand made, from around your house, etc.) and wrap it up...then you kinda do a Pollyanna gift exchange where they all go wrapped in a circle, everyone draws numbers and the gift waring begins. any takers??? it would be fun!!!

alrighty well...just wanted to share my latest thoughts.

05 December 2007

john denver & the muppets

...that's the record that I've been listening to all day at the Inn. It is indeed my favorite Christmas album by far.

Becca, if you happen to read this, I will not be able to make it to Hershey for the lights. It is always so 'iffy' when I actually finish for the day, but most likely, I will not be done work on Friday, 12/14 until 7pm or later. So, I will just be at my place with Lynette, awaiting your arrival!

I have had quite a busy day here at the Inn. Phone calls, faxes, poinsettia cleanings, fluffing pillows, straightening water glasses, dimming lights, dusting lampshades, and by far my favorite, making little envelope type triangles out of toilet paper. Oh yes, the life of an Innkeeper.

In all seriousness though, it has been a busy day...which is good, the hours fly by.

The snow has just been beautiful today. I first noticed that it was snowing this morning in my kitchen. I went to fetch a glass of water from the cooler above my fridge, and the bright flutter of flakes caught my eye...

I forgot all together what I was doing, lost my glass, and before I knew it, I was photographing (or trying to) the tiny miracles.

About 7 minutes later, I found my empty water glass on the counter and remembered that I was thirsty.

This morning, at least before the wondrous event of the snow, I was quite glum. I find that it is indeed hardest for me in the morning. I miss people. And, when I wake in the morning, to the quietness of my lone apartment, I am reminded of this. I often get up and make it only so far as to the couch. Here, I lye for about 20-30 minutes flipping through the channels until I feel awake enough to ready my coffee press...or go somewhere that already has pressed their coffee.

Coffee seems to mentally tell me that I must begin processing my day. My surroundings, my thoughts, my agenda, my day. As I sip my coffee, indeed, I feel the caffeine stimulate my tiny brain stems and leaves and all that is wiggling around up there... Well, okay, maybe I really don't feel things wiggling up in my brain, but I convince myself that "I am now drinking my coffee; therefore, I am now waking up. I now will proceed with my day."

This means that I have to get ready. I suppose I don't like getting ready for work. I think the main reason is, that I have just had my morning coffee, and I always feel most inspired creatively in the morning. But, I can't (create any art). I have to take a stinkin' shower (sometimes) and put on my 'work' clothes.

I'm often at least 3 or 5 minutes (or 10 or 12) late to work. I know, I need to work on this. Someday.

It's now 4:47. Oprah is on. I used to listen to her program, on the radio, on my way home from teaching. Not no mo' (props out to all my old homies).

Tonight I ask for your prayers. For whoever is reading this.