14 December 2007


it's rather chilly in the hospitality suite today.

what a hectic morning i had. I was in philly yesterday and spent the night there at olga's place. she came out wednesday night (with damka) and crashed at my place.

we sipped hot tea and watched the season finale of one of her favorite shows...america's next top model. i think that is the name...

any ways, we had a good night. it's always wonderful spending time with her.

thursday morning we went to pick up my jetta (the one i bought about 60 days ago and have only been able to drive it a mere 30 or so of those days)! it's had problems and hiccups...so, was in the shop, yet again, getting mended.

it was a rather gray day, so we stopped at starbucks for some nourishment on the way. sure, sugar and caffeine...nourishment...

so, after getting the car we went to trader joe's. i picked up two packets of my favorite cookies, ginger, and some other things for my lovely visitors coming this evening!!!

Becca, i got a WHOLE gallon of milk for you! i go through such little amounts of milk (i buy the tiny one and don't even finish that before it goes sour)!

i am looking forward to the company that will fill my home tonight!

i've been SOOOO hungry today. i got up around 8:45am...and didn't eat until around 2pm. I had a green apple, and then finally the staff lunch was ready around 3:30pm... so, i had half of a portabella/squash 'burger'. but that was hours ago!

it's now 7:20...and i missed the staff dinner...was up on the second and third floors running around preparing things for guests checking in... one man needed saltines, another a bucket of ice...one lady a wake up call and another a 'small piece of scotch tape'... one needed roast beef, and one could do without...oh, the funny things people request.

i was so taken back, though, at one mans generosity! i took up this very nice couple to their suite on the third floor, and the gentleman stepped out into the hall for a second as i was giving his wife the keys, and he pulled out his billfold and gave me a $10 bill! i was shocked. no one has ever given me a tip, like a bell-hop would be tipped, on the way to their room! so, that was a nice surprise.

it's hard to believe that Christmas is nearly here. i am very much unprepared... well, at least in the 'gift buying/preparing/giving' realm. as a few of you will see tonight (at our little Christmas gathering)...i have just not had/made the time to think at all about presents...

so much else has consumed my mind and days.

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Beccalynn said...

Wow! I didn't realize I havn't checked your blog in so long! This was BEFORE our visit and I was sure I'd checked it since then, but the time has been FLYING by and I guess I haven't had any to spare with all our busyness!
It always makes me feel better when someone else likes America's next top model cz I lvoe it and I sometimes am ashamed that I do....and Olga seems like a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders so that makes me feel better! Ha!