05 December 2007

john denver & the muppets

...that's the record that I've been listening to all day at the Inn. It is indeed my favorite Christmas album by far.

Becca, if you happen to read this, I will not be able to make it to Hershey for the lights. It is always so 'iffy' when I actually finish for the day, but most likely, I will not be done work on Friday, 12/14 until 7pm or later. So, I will just be at my place with Lynette, awaiting your arrival!

I have had quite a busy day here at the Inn. Phone calls, faxes, poinsettia cleanings, fluffing pillows, straightening water glasses, dimming lights, dusting lampshades, and by far my favorite, making little envelope type triangles out of toilet paper. Oh yes, the life of an Innkeeper.

In all seriousness though, it has been a busy day...which is good, the hours fly by.

The snow has just been beautiful today. I first noticed that it was snowing this morning in my kitchen. I went to fetch a glass of water from the cooler above my fridge, and the bright flutter of flakes caught my eye...

I forgot all together what I was doing, lost my glass, and before I knew it, I was photographing (or trying to) the tiny miracles.

About 7 minutes later, I found my empty water glass on the counter and remembered that I was thirsty.

This morning, at least before the wondrous event of the snow, I was quite glum. I find that it is indeed hardest for me in the morning. I miss people. And, when I wake in the morning, to the quietness of my lone apartment, I am reminded of this. I often get up and make it only so far as to the couch. Here, I lye for about 20-30 minutes flipping through the channels until I feel awake enough to ready my coffee press...or go somewhere that already has pressed their coffee.

Coffee seems to mentally tell me that I must begin processing my day. My surroundings, my thoughts, my agenda, my day. As I sip my coffee, indeed, I feel the caffeine stimulate my tiny brain stems and leaves and all that is wiggling around up there... Well, okay, maybe I really don't feel things wiggling up in my brain, but I convince myself that "I am now drinking my coffee; therefore, I am now waking up. I now will proceed with my day."

This means that I have to get ready. I suppose I don't like getting ready for work. I think the main reason is, that I have just had my morning coffee, and I always feel most inspired creatively in the morning. But, I can't (create any art). I have to take a stinkin' shower (sometimes) and put on my 'work' clothes.

I'm often at least 3 or 5 minutes (or 10 or 12) late to work. I know, I need to work on this. Someday.

It's now 4:47. Oprah is on. I used to listen to her program, on the radio, on my way home from teaching. Not no mo' (props out to all my old homies).

Tonight I ask for your prayers. For whoever is reading this.


Beccalynn said...

I love your descriptions of the snow! and of how you forgot about your thirst in the rapture of trying to capture what is indeed almost uncapturable.

Beccalynn said...

I remember you love the John Denver & the Muppets Record. I think I've seen you take it out every year since I've known you...or at least talk about how much you love it!