31 December 2007


...fills my heart because of a package I received last night just before midnight.

I'm at work currently...always am when I post, considering I do not have a computer box at home.

I'm a bit hungry (as usual), and could go for some broccoli rob right now...maybe some sweet potato ravioli's too....sure, and a glass of red wine! What the heck; it's NEW YEARS EVE!

I'm heading over to Nina's after work (after I go to my apt. first to change and get some grub). I'm looking forward to silly and ridiculous games with her and her parents. Should be fun to catch up with Steve and Marilyn.

Tomorrow I will head in to Philly to meet up with Justin and Em for the Mummers Day Parade. Oh, joy. It should be fun. I enjoy Philly a lot and there is so much that I have not discovered while living just 20 miles away.

Perhaps I'll see Chris and Olga if they are back from Brrrrroklyn.

Went to Michigan over the weekend. What a blessed time...and a blurrrr. Nine hours out (in the car with pops) and 10 hours back. The most amazing snowfall occurred about two hours from home, and it felt like we were in a spaceship, projecting through the grand galaxy at top speed. The snowflakes were almost ridiculously huge...but glorious!

For some reason, this new years comes to mind... I was about 17 years old and at my high school friends' house, in her parents basement. We watched episode after episode of My So Called Life (with Claire Danes). We had no alcohol to toast with, no grand crowd to cheer among...just the three of us (our other dear friend, Brie, joined us)...happy and content to be in a suburban basement with cement floors and truth and honesty in our midst.

Happy New Year everyone.


Beccalynn said...

wait! What was in the package? You left me hanging? But I'm so glad you posted! Beautiful post as usual!

Ninita said...

I am still sorry about New Year's Eve. I would have loved to spend it with you.....

Beccalynn said...

No, seriously though. What was the package???