11 December 2007

candy striped

shirt... that's what i have on today. it's red and white, so i feel like a volunteer hospital worker. i like the shirt. a great thrift store find.

so, i may be moving to philly.


yeah, i thought perhaps i might get your attention! (all three of you who read this)... i am very unsure at this point, but things may take that route. i just got back from spending the weekend in philly with two of my old college roommates. crazy thing is, i seem to know more people in philly than i do here in my current neighborhood/network.

i never signed a lease, so at this point, i am not contractually bound to anything in that realm. the soonest i would move would be early February. but, again, NOTHING is for certain. the main thing i have to figure out is how i will do my commute (by car or train) and just how my work schedule will work out if i did move.

i just long to live among friends, in a community. this is my ideal situation. right now, in philly, there is an awesome group of christians, living in community. so, for this very reason, i am very drawn to live there. the girl that i would share a place with is my dearest friend from college. for some time now (since we last lived together in college), we've said how wonderful it would be to share a place together again.

so, i have a compatible dearest friend to live with (who happens to have a dog), a church to get involved with, and amazing people to develop relationships and friendships with.

...not to mention all that art that the city is submerged with. this would give me artists to be among once more...artists, like myself, to spur me on to CREATE. i would actually get to work in a dark room again! oh, how i would love to pick up photography again...

so, at this point, this whole idea is on the drawing board, but a true possibility... i will for sure keep you posted.

(*and, we can't really talk too loudly about this at my place this weekend, because i haven't shared the news with my landlord (who lives below me) yet!)

on that note, i am really looking forward to this weekend. it will be great to see you all again...i'm thinking of trying to make some cornmeal pancakes in advance for everyone to have and heat up on saturday morning for breakfast (since i won't be there---i have to work the breakfast shift at the inn)...

we'll see...if i don't get around to making them, i will provide other rations!

hmmm...it will be great to have company. i do love this time of year. hey, do you guys want to do a white elephant gift exchange??? i know it's so last minute, but it would be so fun!!! basically, if you don't know what a white elephant gift exchange is, you get the corniest/wackiest/cheesiest gift you can (at the thrift store, hand made, from around your house, etc.) and wrap it up...then you kinda do a Pollyanna gift exchange where they all go wrapped in a circle, everyone draws numbers and the gift waring begins. any takers??? it would be fun!!!

alrighty well...just wanted to share my latest thoughts.


Beccalynn said...

Hmm...I guess we could do a white elephant. Are there enough of us? But I got gifts for the three of you anyway...
So, lynette and I talked and we're thinking of doing our "party" when Dave, Nina, and I get back from Hershey on Friday. I think we'll be back around 10pm which gives us plenty of time to hang out, exchange Christmas treats, play white elephant, love, laugh, play, catch up...
What do you think? Then, Dave and I can come back after our errands and still spend time with you and Nina, but we wouldn't have to stay past 6pm, and/or rush a get-to-gether at 5:30 when Lynette get's back from her shindig. What do you think?

Beccalynn said...

Oh, and about the Philly thing, I think that would be wonderful for you! If I were still living in the area I'd probably balk at the idea but you moving there has no bearing on me anymore--how selfish am I??? Oh, anyway, that sounds awful. All I'm saying is that I can say without prejudice or bias that I think moving there with those friends would be wonderful for you. Go for it! But, the commute would be something to consider. Can you take the train? Because then it wouldn't be so bad. You could, read, knit, draw on the train so the time wouldn't have to be wasted--and no traffic!

Beccalynn said...

Did you change your blog address because you don't want us to read it anymore? I found it because I clicked on your name in my comments...do you not want it read anymore?