17 November 2007

Good Evening

Well, I've decided to create a blog...again. Yes, this is my third or so that I have created. The others have dwindled off to a mere few postings from days gone by...and I do believe its been a good 18 mo. since I last blogged.

I'm actually at work currently. I've just been so inspired lately by other folks' postings, full of thought and mystery, that I thought I should join the parade.

Innkeeper, eh? Quite contrary to popular belief, Innkeepers are still around. I manage an old country inn, built in 1745, that was located on what used to be the 'main drag' from the suburbs into Philadelphia. Horse and buggy, of course.

This grand place was part of the Paoli Massacre. Many falsely speculate that good ol' G.W. (George Washington, that is) lodged here, but sadly, he did not. I would like to think a relative of his did though. *A fun tidbit, Winston Churchill's grandson did have lunch here at the Inn the other day.

In any case, it's a great place. There are two roaring fireplaces that date back to the original construction of the inn, which get stoked every night for the passersby that dine here. The smell of the seasoned firewood is majestic. Reminiscent of late fall, cider and companionship.

Well, I started this entry much earlier in the day when I had ganas to write...and, momentarily, I have lost that umph. So, I shall sign off for the eve...night to all.

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