19 March 2008

I could go for a cookie now. The cheap kind. Like a box of generic animal crackers from the grocery store. But it's getting kind of late now, and to put on my boots really seems like a chore. So, I'll put off the decision and listen to my belly growl in the meanwhile. Sometimes I eat just telling myself that it will quiet my noisy stomach. It usually doesn't work, but I like eating, nonetheless, so I do it a lot. Sometimes, in the morning, when I get my coffee, if I don't have a stirrer, I'll use my chubby finger. Then I lick my chubby finger so I don't get milk all over my shirt or pants. (Or sometimes I'll wipe my finger on the car seat -if I'm driving). If only I had some animal crackers now. I'd eat them till their sweetness stung the insides of my teeth. I might even have to unbutton my pants and undo the zipper. But, hey, if it quiets my stomach, it's certainly worth it. It's really not that late. Now, where did I leave my boots?

Have you ever felt yourself getting fat? You know, you feel lazy, you snack more and your stomach feels big and heavy. You're probably getting fat if you feel like that. I feel fat tonight. I ate five cookies and a slice of pizza. I also had a beer and twice I've rolled over on my elbow to let out some gas. Now that's getting fat.
Blues play on the radio, my steady companion, and the lines of this paper remind me of the monotony of life. We wait, wait, wait. Hot water, ecstasy, a warm oven, and a pay stub. Labor, wait. Labor, wait.
Adam had strength and Eve round breasts. Together they fell and now we wait.


David said...

Preach it. Today, I think, will be a fat day for me. I can feel them coming on like a thunder storm or an argument between two lovers: I begin to crave in a way that I know can't be sated.

This morning it's been:
• a latte made with almond milk with chocolate
• egg tacos with alfalfa and clover sprouts
• a large navel orange
• toast with nutella
• more coffee

Sometimes I think the weather brings it on. When it's nice outside and I want to go find a park to walk through, I rarely am too concerned about food. So, maybe these gray days are linked to fat days...

<---That Girl said...

Hey there! I just found you at Adjusting to the World. Nice to meet ya!
You & My Mom would get along swimmingly! She's alwyas "feeling fat" and been on a diet since my first recolection.

Okay...I'm not fat, but today- I felt fat. Does that count? I think clothes can make you feel fat! I wore jeans from the drier and somehow they never stretched out like they did last week (hmmm). I even had those pesky creases on the FRONT of the pantleg up near the upper thigh when I walked and the crease in the back that hugs the little, 2 inch bunch of chub right below your cheeks! eek. I couldn't wait to get home.
I'm sure it's my hormones, not those chocolate covered espresso beans...or the carrot cake with cheesecake swirl inside...or the poptarts....or the...