07 May 2008


today i was closing out a word document that was titled luke. and as i went to close it, a little box appeared on my monitor that asked me "do you want to save the changes to luke?" and i clicked 'yes'.

and as i closed out of that document, in my head, i pondered 'i wonder if that's sometimes how God works'. he opens us up, does some work, deleting this and that, cutting here and pasting there, does a little spell check (maybe even references the thesaurus), and then, thank Him, he chooses to save the changes. or, then again, maybe sometimes he doesn't...and we get to be changed, and learnt, yet once more.

it was just an odd sensation closing out that document. i felt like i was some futuristic, robotic programmer of earthlings...that i, an innkeeper, had the power to save changes in a boy named luke... yes, really it was a document named luke, but it just got me thinking.

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Jessica said...

How cool. I love "aha" moments.