13 June 2008

death cab for cutie...

put on a pretty daggon good show last eve. it was a beautiful night. a great night to see a show at the mann. i forgot how much i liked that place. the last time i was there, i saw wynton marsalis with my brother. we were on the lawn, and i remember that day being a good one too. i miss my brother. and i miss summer nights on lawns.

i worked my last day at the bakery this morning and am pretty excited about that. i will cherish having my mornings free once again. i'll have time to bake (not massive loads of cupcakes), keep on top of cleaning (okay, probably not) but most enjoyably, frequent what seems to have become my second home lately- valley forge national park. i just love it there. i'm discovering more and more ways to connect various trails, finding what trails are best for sunny days and which are best walked under clouds.

i made a fantastic black and tan loaf the other day. if you haven't sampled the beverage, it's a beer that's half dark ale and half light. so for the bread, i used a bottle of guinness and a bottle of yuengling, mixed in some walnuts, dates, and chocolate chips among other things, and all in all, the bread turned out quite tasty.

june is here and already flying by. hard to believe that soon the fourth of july will be here. i'm looking forward to the fourth, for i will see all my family- my brother and his clan, sister and hers, and the folks too.

jessica, if you happen to be reading this, congratulations! i am thrilled for you and scott. what an incredible time.

off to keep the inne.

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Jessica said...

Aw, thanks for the congrats! We're so excited, and I love being able to share this experience with people through my blog. Becca's making sure I keep everyone updated on my progress.

I wish we had somewhere around here like Valley Forge. I'd love aa refuge like that.