02 April 2008

20,000 and crooning

between the sheets, warmth sustained. she hoped, she prayed, almost lame. possessed he called, the pigs did flee. rocks cried out as did the trees. and traipsing down the bloodied trail, joy emerged, she did set sail. on the waters, calling out. there'd be no more, this sinful bout. sopping wet, naked, proud. she rose up on that earthen plow. stacks of harvest, golden rod. blinding sun, caused all to bow. piercing cries, a sobbing child. all in white, meek and mild. she rose out from the holy lake, gasping, flailing, he'd made her quake. the heavens shone and with a sigh, sang, "lullaby, my lullaby."


Beccalynn said...

It always blows me away how talented you are. At first your poetry seems cryptic to me, then I read it and find gems of beauty in it, spine-tingling, goose-pimpling beauty, and then I read them again and find more. I LOVE it! You should write and write often!!!

Beccalynn said...

i meant, "then I read it AGAIN and find more."

Jessica said...

That was beautiful!