25 April 2008


a sunny friday afternoon here at the inn. i went to bed pretty early last night due to the previous nights sleep consisting of only three hours. i do feel revived, though- in more ways than one. so as i was saying, i was in the sack around 10pm and finally crawled from bed around 7:23am this morning. because i crawled out later than i should have, no shower was taken. (i later took one at the inn). heave-hoed my red ruby bag, full of a change of clothes for the inn and then another for after the inn, and was down the flight of mossy green stairs, blueberry coffee in tow, and was settled into the drivers seat of my car in no time. (running 4 minutes late).

i nearly missed my turn to the bakery, but thankfully snapped out of my daydreaming and pulled into the lot just in time. (the last time i missed the turn, it cost me a good 17 minutes! the traffic traveling east bound on rt. 30 is just horrific in the mornings!) through the door, put on my lovely brown apron and pastry chef hat, and went on to take my first orders for the day. today i baked again in my sea foam green, three-quartered length, 80's sweatshirt. with that under my chocolate brown apron, i feel like a giant bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. it's quite a nice feeling.

heather informed me that first on the to-do was to make a double batch (with quadruple the carrots) of carrot cake muffins. or would it just be carrot muffins? any way, i made enough to fill two trays of mini's and eight regulars. next, i made a batter for the most delicious smelling, milk chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. man, i could have bathed in the stuff. seriously. it smelled even better than a human size reese's peanut butter cup would have smelled- had a reese's man come to the bakery this morning. the color of the batter alone was just gorgeous.

susan, the other baker this morning, was making a double dark chocolate batter behind me, and i had to seriously work at focusing on my batch, as opposed to hers. the beautiful dark cocoa she was mixing into her dark chocolate batter was just a sight to behold. the color of the batter, so dark and so thick, nearly resembling mud (from some exotic land) just couldn't be passed by without a submersion of the finger. but it's okay to taste the batter. indeed we must know what we are serving up to our customers. you know...quality control.

after scooping the chocolate peanut butter batter into their trays, i was onto the vanilla butter cream, cream cheese frosting. again, very tasty. it's a wonder i haven't already gained a good inch or two with all the, quite necessary, taste testing i've done over the course of the last two weeks.

and with the last whip of the butter cream frosting, it was 11:30am, time to hang my chocolate brown apron and head up the road to the inn. i took with me three cupcakes. (amazingly, i've only had one and a half). i feel it's partly my job to know all the different flavors we make, simply so i can know the product i am helping to sell. again, it's all about quality control, better serving the customer, etc...

and now it feels like i have been at the inn a good 24 hours, even though i only got here just over six hours ago. friday's tend to kick my butt a bit, and i've yet to figure out why- considering i have off on thursday's. it could be because i do tend to squeeze as much in as i can on my days off. the highlight of yesterdays day off? getting pricked in the arm thirteen times by my new italian doctor, dr. columbo.

so, i bathed when i arrived to work- actually it was more like a psychotic speed shower (being that i only had about eight minutes before it was time to officially 'clock-in' as innkeeper). thankfully i found the underwear and socks that i thought i had left at home, in my boot, and that started (or continued) my day on a swell note. and that has been about it. i did the usual fluffing of the pillows, straightening of the shams and triangling of the toilet paper, and now i sit...and i wait...for the last two stinky check in's to arrive. i pray that they get their booties here before dark. i am craving the outdoors...been in too, way too long today. spring i will dance with you soon!


Beccalynn said...

I don't know if I love you or hate you for that perfect description of your cupcake job. My mouth was watering. I had to wipe the drool of my keyboard! And I find it hilarious that your socks and underwear were in your BOOT! I miss you!

laura said...

my dearest becca,
i miss you too...i see that nina is visiting you this weekend! lucky you! and her;) hope to see you in the flesh sometime soon... lauralu