01 April 2008


Friday morning I went to the farmers market in Strafford, as Kirk corrected me, and I'm so glad I did. What a great find. I got tons of beautifully fresh fruits and veggies all for $18.50. From the harvest I made a delicious stew- with portabellas, artichokes, snapped green beans, stewed tomatoes, red potatoes, onions, fresh basil and thyme. Next time I will add many more artichokes and portabellas. They cooked so wonderfully. May also try beets. I really enjoy root vegetables. Sweet potatoes would have been a nice addition, but I didn't add them because JK doesn't like them. The focaccia was tasty too. It truly makes a difference when you use fresh herbs in the dough. Delish.

After the farmers market I went to Kitchen Kapers for an instant read thermometer. Once home, I unloaded everything into the fridge, then got ready for work. Long day at work. I think mostly because I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to get everything done by Saturday, 4pm. Stopped by the liquor store after work and settled on a tasty white wine for the risotto, instead of a dry one, and got two bottles of a cheap, but good, red I'd had before.

Got home around 8:30pm and began all the cooking. It took about an hour to make the crepe batter and pastry cream. Then I started on all the veggies. It was almost 11pm by the time I was washing the last of the dishes. I headed back to work for my sleepover shift and collapsed up in the Paoli Suite just after midnight.

Did breakfast Saturday morning, said the usual 'hello' to Jim and his masseuse lady, and had a relatively easy shift. Rick, the valet, was there with his family, celebrating his in laws 50th wedding anniversary. They were German and very cute. Once Jacque came to relieve me, I was off to buy a blowtorch. Got the torch and was back in my apartment undertaking the crepes. Made all 20 and folded the whipped cream into the thick, very thick, pastry cream. (I actually made the 20 layer crepe cake and everyone raved about it. I served it with fresh, deep red strawberries from the farmers market and a creamy hazelnut sauce). Made the focaccia next, then the parmesan risotto, and finished up with slicing the strawberries.

Justin, Emily and Olivia came around 5:00 and Olga, Chris, JK and Damka shortly after 5:30. The apartment smelled sweet and savory, but best of all was simply having company. We chatted a bit- I finished up in the kitchen, Justin assembled the blowtorch, and after pulling the table out and setting it for six, we all sat down to a warm, comforting meal. We said a prayer together, broke bread and drank in the wine. How wonderful to share a meal in the presence of those you love. It was a good night. A great night. It was nearly 2am by the time the sleepiness was like drunkenness, and it came time to say goodbye. Of course, I wished they all would stay- that my company would not part, but life goes on and tomorrow's another day. At least I'll have the leftovers.


That Girl said...

wow, good food & great friends. Sounds wonderful. Any hope of a recipe for your risotto & foccacia?

Beccalynn said...

Laura, you are an amazing cook, always have been! You made my mouth water with that description!