30 April 2008

make it a double

today i look a bit like a 50's housewife. except i'm not at home; i'm at work. and i'm typing on a computer- not a typewriter. my outfit consists of a blue and white polka dotted cotton shirt, with cloth covered buttons down the front, beaded pleats in the back, and stitched ripples on the sides (to accentuate my curves of course). on bottom, i'm sporting a just-below-the-knee denim skirt, with red ruby flats on tow (no pun).

over the navy blue dots is a bright, cobalt blue acrylic sweater (i know because i actually took time to iron it). maybe made in 1967. it has this funny little drawstring woven throughout, down by the waist, and today i tied it in a bow. i suppose the whole getup, to me, feels 1950's housewifish.

i helped jump start the cleaners car today. just before linda discovered that her car was dead, she told me that her daughter had been expelled from school for ten days. her daughter maddie had borrowed her son ben's ford explorer, and just her luck, that day they called a lock down at school, brought out the dogs, and the dogs just happened to sniff out something in that emerald green (not sure if that's the color but i like to think so) explorer.

and so, the dogs and their good noses, let the cops with their bad mouths, in that old beat up ford explorer, and they found not only a butterfly knife (with a four inch blade) but also a good size bundle of fireworks. now come on, i can see accidentally having a knife stashed in one of the vinyl backseat pockets of that explorer, that maybe ben uses to scale some fish when he's out fishin', but to lend your little, high school, sister your car with some firecrackers tossed around on the back seat and covering the floor...come on!

so yeah, maddie got ten days out. i actually was kinda mad that linda, the cleaner, was telling me all this stuff- and that her daughter, maddie, got ten days out. it didn't seem to phase linda, but it sure phased me. maybe that is where our society is heading. not a care with the whereabouts, whatabouts, or whoabouts of our children. but like i said, it sure phased me.

so, now my stomach is gurgling, like usual, and i am sitting here at my desk (in front of my computer i wish were a typewriter) and i'm waiting for this pretty lady, marlene, to join me. she was just hired by patrick, my boss, to do marketing for the inne and restaurant.

marlene has skin the color of almonds. shes got that golden glow that surely wasn't made the natural way. no sun to blame for those wrinkles. we're talking tanning beds, folks. or perhaps those new spray booths. her boobs looked re-done and her hair dyed, but like i said, she's a pretty woman. this reminds me of something i heard the other night. i was over at my friend justin's house and he shared a story about a funny incident that had been exchanged between he and two of his co-workers that day in the office.

across from his cubicle, he noticed that this one girl co-worker was behind the other girl co-worker (who was seated in front of her) helping her to tie up her hair in a pony tail. he made some funny comment about the whole sight, and the girl who was having her hair tied up, said something to justin like, "oh, well i had surgery, so i can't do it myself." justin, being a guy and all, probed further, made some assumptions, and stated, "oh, like rotators cuff surgery?" and the girl, after an awkward pause, replied, while glancing down at her breasts swaying her head back and forth, from the left one to the right, said "um...no...i had cosmetic surgery."

yeah, since when is that something that's shared and discussed with the general public? since when is that something that is talked about, like getting your wisdom teeth out. it just baffles me. i guess the girl is getting married in a few months and wants to look her breast, i mean best, for her new man. society.

okay, enough with my complaining. i am the one who is judging my sister and my brother...so raca. father, forgive me. I was reading this morning from a great book- The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. for your pleasure, here is a small excerpt:

"There's no great hardship in doing without human comfort, so long as we have the comfort of God behind us; what is difficult- immensely so- is the ability to do without both, God's comfort and man's, the will to endure cheerfully having one's heart an outcast from happiness, to seek in nothing one's own profit and to have no regard for one's own merit. What is there to boast about if you feel happy and devout when grace touches you? Times like that are what everyone longs for. The man who is carried by the grace of God rides pleasantly along; no wonder he feels no weariness, seeing he is carried by the Almighty and led by the chief Leader of all.

We gladly hold on to anything that brings us comfort; it goes against the grain for a man to strip himself of his attachment to self. May you learn to give up, for the love of God, those who are closet to you, the dearest of friends. You must not take it too much to heart when a friend deserts you; one day, you know, we must all be parted from one another at last."

indeed we are but a breath. cheers.

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Beccalynn said...

Your post seemed like it followed the meanderings of your mind, wandering to and from, getting distracted from one topic to the other...much in the way I generally look at life. I liked it.
Boob jobs scare me. What's the point of boobs if not to suckle little ones with? They're not just chest ornaments. I mean, I know men are fixated with them, and not even Dave can tell me why they like them, but for goodness sakes, what's the point of them if you take away the very thing they're used for? What will you do when your poor baby doesn't get all the collagen s/he needs? "Oh, dearest, I'm so sorry, but mommy had to look 20...don't want 'em hanging down in my armpits or sagging to my belly button so you'll have to survive on the synthetic, powdered stuff. Your immune system will have to just hold tight and take care of itself"
I'm always afraid I'll get breast cancer before I have the pleasure of feeding my own little ones on nature's bottles. I can't wait to breast feed. It seems like such a special experience. I feel sorry for that girl that society makes her feel that she can't be real, natural, who she is...that in order to get married...in order to have the "perfect wedding" that has nothing to do with the longevity of marriage, she must altar the beauty of who God created her to be. I think that riches can be a great poverty to most.